Awareness animations

Animation can be a powerful tool for spreading information. With a small team of creatives at in60seconds, we decided to use it to increase awareness around an urgent issue: climate change. We brainstormed about the biggest dangers that our ecosystems is facing today. Two subjects immediately stood out, deforestation and plastic pollution.
⁣What many of us don’t realize is that the destruction of habitats is often linked to food production. And nothing has a bigger impact than our own choices. We decided to spread this message with a touch of humor, to catch the viewer attention and invite to approach this problem with positivity.

For one of the animation we partnered with Vegan Masters. This company from Amsterdam produces delicious, ready-made vegan meals. For a week the entire office at in60seconds had a vegan lunch, to discover how reducing meat consumption can be easily done!

Storyboard - Recycling 

Storyboard - Deforestation


Creative direction and concept by me and Karin van Zon / Storyboard by me / Character design and animation by Paul Goos / Background design by Karin van Zon / Animation by Almar Sloot / Project management by Talitha Snel / Copy by Tom Tiepermann 

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