AR experience Tony's Chocolonely

At in60seconds there's the possibility to use 10% of your time on projects that are not client related. With a small team we decided to invest this time in experimenting with AR. We chose the brand Tony's Chocolonely because of its playfulness and ethic, and imagine how we could explain the story behind a chocolate bar via an AR application. 

The project took 5 days in total.

About the method

For this challenge we used the Sprint method based on Jake Knapp's book. This method is a five-day process for solving problems and testing new ideas. We started on Monday without any idea of what we could work on and we ended on Friday with a prototype. It was a great experience! 


Initiative by George Zestanakis / Concept by George Zestanakis, Almar Sloot and me / Design by me (based on the brand guide) / 3D modeling and animation by Almar Sloot / AR development by George Zestanakis / Project management by Talitha Snel

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