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Tony's Chocolonely and Ben&Jerry's

A Chocolate Love A-fair

June - December 2022

Social media campaign

The idea of this campaign was to create a love affair between the two brands to announce a product collaboration and that Ben&Jerry's started using the Tony's Open Chain source to get fair trade cacao.

Phase 1

The love affair was divided in 3 phases. The first step was to announce that Tony's was on the market looking for love. Followed by hints of a flirt between the two brands.

Initial sketches of phase 1:


Phase 2

The products launch with explanations of the cause.

TC_B&J_Launch IG post_new_1x1.jpg
KM E12.4-02.jpg
KM E12.4-03.jpg
TC_B&J_Vday_IG story_01.jpg
TC_B&J_Vday_IG story_02.jpg
TC_B&J_Teaser stories_03.jpg
TC_B&J_Teaser stories_02.jpg

Phase 3 - in progress


Creative direction and strategy by Tony's Chocolonely / Social media concept and design execution by me in collaboration with the creative team of Tony's Chocolonely / Animation by Almar Sloot

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